About Us

A family owned business.

Family Owned Business Since 1966

Let us be the first to thank you for your interest in the Lardon Group. Lardon began as Lardon Construction Corporation or LCC for short. LCC started in 1966 as a general contracting firm based out of Blasdell, New York. Our company specialized in building churches and church-related facilities during the early days. The firm eventually transformed itself into a manufacturing business concentrating in wood by-products. Since this transformation, LCC has provided a wide variety of products and services to clients around the United States.

Since the companies’ inception in the 1960’s- professionalism, job accomplishment, and high ethical standards have been at the forefront of our business goals. Here at LCC we take pride in maintaining our high standards, and providing the best products for our customers. We hope you find the time to review the information that is provided on this website, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.  

In recent years, we have expanded to five companies: Vargo, Lardon Disposal Services, Lardon Construction Corporation, Gateway Land Management, and Southtowns Supply. Click "Learn More" to find out which of our services is right for you.




108 Lake Avenue
Blasdell, NY 14218

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